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The Devine Insanity review of the magazine Orkus in German and English (by Jari).

17.2.07 14:05


So I rebuilt the page a bit and I'm happy to announce that we have a new member on board: Jari! She will make translations from German into English most of the time.

And the translation now can be found in the section of the bands. The newest stuff always on top. In the news you can see when there is a new translation and for which band.

And like always feel free to ask for anything what you want to betranslated. We will tell you if it is possible and then you will find the translation here.

17.2.07 13:59

So with this is starts!

I can make it kind of official as well! I do it all the time so why not for everyone. Here you will find in future all kind of translations from german to english and finish and back and forth just as it's needed. I will post everything I do but feel free to ask for translations as well!

At the moment there is only texts about Lovex and Uniklubi but sure everything is possible as long as I understand it. 

Have fun! - And if you find mistakes, please let me know!


- disclamer: I don't make money with this and the texts ect. are not originally by me. If you see something produced by you and don't want me to have it here just tell me and it will be gone. -

31.12.07 16:50